Leadership Programmes

We offer three distinct training and development programmes designed for each stage of college management. This pathway means that a manager can start their career with the Entry to Management programme with the confidence that we will be there to support them through their progression to senior manager and up to principal and governor levels. Take a look at the programmes below. The first two are delivered in-house at the college and the Senior Leadership Development Programme is delievered as a national open programme.

Entry to Management - This programme is run in-house and focuses on the challenges faced by first-line managers in the FE sector. From juggling conflicting pressures to managing former peers, this is the ideal introduction to a management role.

Excelling as a College Manager - Building directly on the Entry to Management modules, this in-house programme offers a deeper consideration of what excellent college management looks like, and discusses best practice from the sector.

Senior Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) - This highly regarded and flexible programme has seen many of our past delegates go on to excel in their organisations. The programme is delivered as an open programme, allowing for participants to network and learn with peers from across the country. It focuses on developing the key skills and personal qualities needed to perform at the highest level as an effective leader.

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