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Land-based colleges

Land-based colleges specialise in excellent education and training in agriculture, land and animal sciences: the skills needed for rural economies. There are currently 11 land-based colleges in England.

Land-based colleges are a hive of technical and vocational skills, and students have access to a wide range of courses including agriculture, crops and livestock, animal care, farriery, game and wildlife management, floristry, land-based engineering and viticulture. Courses range from entry level 1 to degree-level 6.

They prepare students for a future in rural economies, and many go straight into industry from the college. Students get real life, hands-on experience in their chosen course, with many land-based colleges operating on working farms, as well as benefiting from educators who are experts in their fields, with many still working in their respective industries.

Brinsbury College (part of the Chichester College Group) image
Brinsbury College (part of the Chichester College Group)