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The College Collective


The College Collective is a new approach to sector-led consultancy with the aim of retaining and developing consultant talent and expertise within colleges for the benefit of the sector at large and their communities.

The Collective comprises of over twenty forward thinking colleges from across the nations who are working in collaboration, sharing managers and insights to share practice and thinking on a wide range of self-identified needs and expertise. These include commercial development, innovative pedagogy and curriculum development and leadership.

The Collective pools insights and knowledge through recognising and sharing talented practitioners who are trained and accredited as AoC Associate Experts.

  • Your college will receive training for selected managers to become AoC Associate Experts
  • AoC Associate Experts gain a Certificate of Achievement, and an automatic upgrade to Professional Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management – with digital credential & membership post-nominals to showcase their commitment to delivering great leadership
  • A detailed Needs and Expertise Analysis will match your managers to support other organisations for up to 5 days each, primarily through remote means
  • In return, your college will benefit from excellent support from AoC Associate Experts from partner organisations in the Collective who have been matched to suit your needs and requirements
  • Your college will benefit from thorough quality assurance, including a monitoring meeting and an evaluative impact report.

    What are the benefits?

    • AoC Associate Experts get development and progression through experience and insights from other organisations
    • Your AoC Associate Experts will gain recognition and accreditation through the prestigious Institute of Leadership and Management
    • Colleges benefit from employees who are trained and accredited AoC Associate Experts with broadened experience working with other colleges and institutions
    • Colleges benefit from the experience of AoC Associate Experts with current experience and knowledge, driving excellent practice and innovation through cognitive diversity and sharing
    • Colleges and Associate Experts will be part of an active learning community of FE professionals, connected across the UK.

    Watch our partners speak about their experience with The Colleges Collective

    What our partners say

    "The College Collective brings us together. The approach is dynamic, inclusive and people-driven. Our colleges will benefit from the power of cognitive diversity to drive innovation, action and business sustainability!"
    Gerry McDonald, CEO and Principal New City College

    "Collaboration within the sector is a powerful tool for all those who partake. The role I have undertaken within the College Collective has increased my professional network and further increased positive relationships to support positive change."
    Adam Sturt, Head of Quality, Teaching & Digital Innovation, Bridgwater and Taunton College

    "Joining a project delivered by the FE sector for the good of the FE sector was particularly appealing to me. Providing Experts to support other colleges is fantastic CPD for those staff, whilst we also benefit from the support of external Experts in other areas. As far as I am aware, this peer support initiative across multiple providers is unique."
    - Alan Pease, Deputy Principal Suffolk New College