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AoC Governance

We are a member focused organisation. Funded by a mix of membership subscriptions and commercially generated revenue, we aim to be transparent in our affairs.

AoC Group is made up of three companies - AoC, AoC Services, and AoC Sport. AoC is the parent company of AoC Group, with AoC Services and AoC Sport Board as wholly-owned subsidiaries. Each of these are registered at Companies House.

Each company is governed by a Board of Directors, and their membership is determined by the respective Articles of Association.

AoC also established a Charitable Trust in 1994 to advance the education of 16+ year olds.

If you have any queries about the governance of AoC Group and AoC Charitable Trust, please contact Jim Edwards who would be happy to assist.

AoC is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee with a national office in London and regional offices around the country. AoC Charitable Trust and AoC Sport provide high-quality support for all member colleges.