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Post-election – write to your MP

Following the general election, it’s a good idea to write to your local MP(s) – whether they are new or have won their seat again – to congratulate them. We’ve drafted some welcome letters to support you with that, which we suggest you edit to personalise as you see fit. We’ve concentrated on the three main parties, but if you have a Green, Reform or independent MP and would like some support with getting in touch with them, just let us know (

It’s important to note that these are templates and will be most impactful if you make them your own, adding in information about your college and local context, and any previous engagement you’ve had with them. You will also have to make some edits if your local MP is a new government minister, for example.

It can take some time for new MPs to get email addresses set up, but you will be able to find those on the UK parliament website when they are ready.

Thank you letter to your MP

We've developed a template letter for you to use as a starting point to help you write a thank you letter to outgoing MPs, highlighting where you can add information specific to your college.

Draft thank you letter to outgoing MP.