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How to choose a PR agency

If you are thinking about instructing a PR agency to help promote your college or help you reach your target audience for a certain project or event, it’s worth considering the following points to make sure you choose the right agency for you.

Further education knowledge and success
Does the agency understand the further education sector, the current issues affecting it as well as the influential journalists, bloggers and people within the sector? Can they demonstrate that they have achieved successful campaigns and coverage in your target publications?

What media is best for your campaign
You should check whether the agency understands the best way is to reach your target audience, whether that’s through a pitch to a journalist or a post or campaign on social media.

Check out their reputation
Have a look at the agency’s client list and ask to speak to them to see if they are pleased with how the agency works and their achievements.

The pitch
Does the pitch demonstrate that they’ve understood your brief and target audience? Are their creative ideas realistically achievable?

The PR team
Make sure you ask who will be working on your PR day to day and ask if you can meet them as it isn’t always the people that pitch for the job. Enquire about their experience of the sector and get feedback on their past campaigns.

Costs and methods of charging
Agencies have a variety of ways of charging for their time working on your account. Enquire about fees and expenses and whether expenses are included in your retainer fee.

Evaluation and measurement of success
This is very important as this is how you will know whether their work, your messaging and your campaign is successful. Find out what measurements the agency will use to evaluate the campaign, and ask them how they will be reporting on their success based on your objectives.

If you need any support or advice on choosing a PR agency, please get in touch with Kate Parker, Press and PR Manager, on