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Support and influence

The AoC Sport policy team engage partners and decision makers on the issues that impact on our members’ ability to offer their students a diverse sport and physical activity offer and deliver a high quality study programme.

Our reports and research seek to bring national attention to the important role of the physical activity sector in dealing with a number of societal issues, from inactivity and health to youth violence and employability.

We advocate the wide-ranging role of colleges from engaging inactive young people from underrepresented groups, through to providing high quality support and opportunities for talented athletes. Colleges also play a major role in developing the sport and physical activity workforce of the future.

Our partnership with the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) enables us to advise our members on the skill requirements of the sport and fitness industry enabling them to develop appropriate study programmes. We also use this partnership to advocate the use of colleges as apprenticeship training providers for many of the large employers in CIMSPA’s membership.


Support and influence