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Social Prescribing

Social prescribing is the referral to a Link Worker or Community Navigator who supports individuals to find appropriate local non-clinical services, initiatives or activities with the aim of improving their wellbeing.

Sport and physical activity has a valuable role to play in social prescribing due to the numerous physical and mental health benefits from being active. Scoial prescribing is not necessarily for people with mental health problems, but often used to support and empower individuals who are at risk of mental health problems to improve their wellbieng.

Colleges have started working in this area including a pilot project in Greater Manchester with our partner StreetGames. Some colleges use a less formal version of social prescribing by offering one to one support to help students with or at risk of developing mental health problems to get active. Our report: Improving Mental Health an Wellbeing in Colleges through Physical Activity highlights some of the learnings from projects of this nature.

AoC Sport is a member of the Youth Social Prescribing Network. Colleges can also sign up individually via this membership form. StreetGames have developed a series of resources including the Youth Social Prescribing principles that may be of use to colleges.