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Virtual Challenges

We are collaborating with our partners to develop a series of virtual challenges, enabling colleges and students to participate at their convenience, regardless of their location. This allows them to compete not only against their peers but also against colleges across the country.

Virtual Rowing Challenge

Go Row Indoor Image

AoC Sport has launched an exciting new Virtual Rowing Challenge, alongside British Rowing, as part of the AoC Sport Introducing initiative.

Open to any college, staff and students to sign up

for FREE and give it a go.

The Virtual Rowing challenge aims to encourage students of any ability to engage in physical activity, whilst also offering an opportunity to represent their college. Staff and students can compete against one another, or represent their college in the following categories.

  • 1 minute
  • 4 minute
  • 100m
  • 200m
  • 500m

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Planet Earth Games

Planet Earth Games logo

The 2023/24 academic year will see the third edition of Planet Earth Games taking place across the further education sector. In 2022/23 we saw 31 colleges across the UK take part with 17896 sustainable actions taking place. Keighley College were crowned champions by an expert judging panel.

It is open to college leaders in sport, sustainability and student experience as well as student leaders. Planet Earth Games is a chance to:

  • Support climate action
  • Supporting student and staff wellbeing
  • Connect your college with nature
  • Develop green leaderships skills among students

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The College Fitness Games 2023/24

College Fitness Games Graphics

We are pleased to announce the first The College Fitness Games created alongside Burnley College, The Academy Programme and WIT Fitness.

The Games will comprise of two qualifying workouts which can be completed at either your college or a local fitness facility.

  • Workout 1 will be released on the 1 November 2023. With a deadline to submit all scores by 15 November 2023
  • Workout 2 will be released on the 22nd November 2023. With a deadline to submit all scores by 6 December 2023.

The top entries will then be invited to the semi-finals hosted at Burnley College’s award winning facility on 2nd February 2024. The top 16 male and 16 female athletes will then progress to the National Finals hosted at WIT Fitness in London on the 21 March 2024. The winners of the National Finals will earn the right to be called the College's 'Fittest' Student and awarded prizes for their outstanding achievement.

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Virtually Boccia

Virtually Boccia

Virtually Boccia is Boccia England’s skill-based challenge competition. There is a version for colleges to take part in. Each academic year, there will be three rounds with different challenges to take part in for each round. Each young person completes all challenges and this contributes to the school or college score.

Virtually Boccia can be played with boccia equipment or without. You can use other PE or home equipment such as bean bags or even rolled up socks!.

Virtually Boccia 2023/24

Virtually Boccia 2023/24 will consist of three rounds; September to December, January to April 2024, and May to July 2024. Information will be shared prior to the rounds. You will be provided with three skill-based activities for each round, the instruction for each activity will include how to set up and score challenge.


Registration for the 2023/24 Virtaully Boccia Challenge is now open, you can register your college via the button below.

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