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UK Coaching Staff CPD Programme 2023/24

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Following a series of consultations at our regional networks and a pilot series carried out earlier this year, we a pleased to launch two opportunities for college sport staff to undertake a structured CPD programme with UK Coaching.

Learning Design Series Online Classroom

Designed for: Subject Leads/Curriculum Managers

Module dates 2023/24: 7 Nov; 5 Dec; 30 Jan; 27 Feb; 26 Mar; 23 Apr

Time: 10:00-12:00

Full Cost: £176.00 +VAT per person*

AoC Sport College Member cost: £88.00 +VAT per person*

Structured over three enlightening modules and informed by the latest learning science, these online classrooms illuminate how learning truly transpires. Each online classroom is designed for seamless virtual delivery in a compact two-hour format. In addition, a collection of supplemental resources is at your disposal to facilitate a deeper exploration of each theme beyond the workshop.

Our modules comprise two focused online classrooms each and offer a guided, social and experiential journey. Here, you'll discover how to apply insights from learning science research to cultivate an evidence-based approach to your learning design and delivery. Moreover, we place a strong emphasis on real-world applications.

We will delve into:

  • Understanding 'how learning happens' and how this knowledge can inform your practice
  • Designing and employing teaching strategies that optimise learning, guided by this understanding
  • Applying this knowledge to design and deliver impactful learning experiences.

The modules cover three crucial areas:

  1. 'Present': Effectively presenting learning using resources and delivery strategies.
  1. 'Practise': Designing activities that enable learners to practise effectively.
  1. 'Organise': Structuring and scheduling a learning curriculum for optimal impact.

These modules are designed with learning professionals such as curriculum managers and subject leads in mind.

If you're a learning professional, encourage your organisation to put this series on for you.


Tutor Development Series Online Classroom

Designed for: Tutors/Teachers/Delivery Staff

Module dates 2023/24: 7 Nov; 21 Nov; 5 Dec, 6 Feb

Time: 09:45-11:45

Full Cost: £123 +VAT per person*

AoC Sport College Member cost: £61.50 +VAT per person*

Dive into UK Coaching's dynamic Tutor Development Modules – a series of four energising online classrooms meticulously crafted to amplify your tutoring prowess. Whether you're a tutor eager to expand your expertise or an organisation committed to empowering your team of tutors, these sessions promise a vibrant learning journey.

Engaging, interactive and immersive virtual experiences that require just two hours of your time – they are designed to spark transformative growth in knowledge and skills. Beyond the workshops, we've also curated a wealth of resources for further exploration of each theme, enabling an even deeper understanding.

Module 1: Tutor as a learner

    Module 2: Delivering with style

      Module 3: Empowering learners

        Module 4: Learner centred delivery

          Whether you're an organisation striving to enrich your tutors' capabilities, an experienced tutor seeking to refresh your knowledge, or an emerging tutor on the lookout for innovative methods to elevate your delivery, the UK Coaching Tutor Development Modules are your launchpad to excellence. Our modules are designed to ignite curiosity and stoke interest across a diverse range of topics, with the sole ambition of equipping the next generation of tutors to be their best.

          Tutors: Jumpstart your journey of professional growth with us by encouraging your organisation to put this series of workshops on.

          Organisations: Enrolling your tutors in our programme isn't just an investment in their professional growth – it's a commitment to raising the bar of your collective tutoring standards.


          *Please note: All costs include UK Coaching Club Premium Membership.

          If you're an organisation interested in discussing options for delivering these modules to your team, we invite you to get in touch directly with the UK Coaching team.