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AoC Sport members are invited to commit to the Environmental Sustainability pledge to begin their journey alongside AoC Sport in achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions through various projects directly reducing emissions and educating students in the climate issues we are facing and what can be done to improve the situation.

All you need to do to pledge is fill the form and pick from the options to which you pledge to begin to do in the short term, medium term or long term. We will then share with you a pledge certificate and announce on our social media and website.

Short Term Pledge Medium Term Pledge Long Term Pledge
Look into if your college has a sustainability strategy and plan, and implement parts for your sports teams and enrichment offers, linking to the FE roadmap. Measure your department, team, colleges carbon footprint using WWF Carbon Calculator Invest in new eco powered gym equipment
Share key facts and information about climate change around college and to students Create a 10% increase in students and staff committing to active travel to college, cycling or walking. Convert to more sustainable transport
Discover your own carbon footprint using the WWF Carbon Footprint calculator Create annual sustainability activity events Creation of a Vegan Sports Club
Set up a competition at college asking for each students carbon footprint Reduce using single use plastics within your department and sports teams. Set up sustainability in sport courses at your college
Enter Planet Earth Games – Colleges Recruit Green Sport Ambassadors (students) Become a Net Zero Carbon Department / College by 2030
Recycle and Reduce waste as much as you can and recycle as much as possible. Set up a programme to combat climate anxiety in college through physical activity Rewild an area of campus to reintroduce biodiversity
Take part in the carbon literacy project Reduce your consumption – buying sustainable clothing, recycling sports kit
Reduce your digital carbon footprint


  • Decided it's time for your college to take action.
  • Sign up to the pledge that fits with your college.


  • We will send your certificate so you can that your college is leading the way in climate crisis.
  • We will shout about all the great work you are doing as college
  • Keep you updated with ideas & project.


  • We all unite to represent the voice of colleges to global governments
  • Have an impact on climate change

Colleges that have signed the pledge

Environmental Sustainability