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Environmental Sustainability

About the Project

The project is aimed at educating, promoting and advocating colleges in climate action, and sustainable consumption.

The project will be shaped on the five guiding principles of the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework in everything that we do:

  • Undertake systemic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility
  • Reduce overall climate impact
  • Educate for climate action
  • Promote sustainable and responsible consumption
  • Advocate for climate action through communication

We want to develop an offer that meets the needs of our students and members within the means of the planet.

We will;

  • Collate and share case studies of best practice within the sector
  • Invite colleges to pledge to take short, medium and or long term actions to tackle the climate crisis.
  • Share information, toolkits and knowledge to colleges about key topics through our membership of BASIS.
  • Promote a new Planet Earth Games – Colleges competition which uses gamification and empowers colleges and students to lead on climate action
  • Recruit student Green Sports Ambassadors at colleges to lead their college in creating positive change.
  • Celebrate the work colleges are doing through our Sustainability in Sport Award as part of our annual AoC Sport Awards
  • Continue to look at new opportunities to engage colleges with climate action initiatives.