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Green Sports Ambassadors

The Green Ambassador programme is new for the 2023/24 academic year. The Green Ambassador will play a crucial role in promoting environmental sustainability and raising awareness about climate change within their college.

As an organisation committed to promoting sustainable practices and inspiring the next generation of leaders, AoC Sport recognises the urgent need to address environmental issues in the sporting world. The Green Ambassadors program is designed to harness the passion and influence of college students, enabling them to become advocates for sustainability within their respective institutions and local communities.

The Role

There is a limit of two* Ambassadors that can be recruited per programme. Each individual student can only be involved in one of our Ambassador or Activator programmes.

To successfully fulfil the role students should be able to commit to the following:

- Raise awareness of the impact humans and in particularly sport is having on the environment

- Support to Organise and participate in events, campaigns, and initiatives that promote both physical activity and environmental consciousness.

- Complete Carbon Literacy in Sport Training

- Work with staff members at college to monitor any participants engaged in existing or new activities that they have promoted

- Complete a personal development form

*If colleges wish to house more ambassadors and activators due to the size of the college, number of campuses or college group we advise you consider the amount of support you will be able to provide these students to ensure they have a positive experience and contact us to discuss the options.

Benefits for Ambassadors

  • 3 Regional training events to provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed to be a Green Ambassador
  • Support to create their own action plan
  • Develop key personal and employability skills such as verbal communication and leadership
  • Free Carbon Literacy in Sport Training
  • Newsletters with supporting information and signposting to support their role.
  • Ongoing support from AoC Sport Partnership and Programmes Development Officer

Benefits for colleges

  • Develop a volunteer workforce to better promote action against climate change
  • Improved promotion of physical activity sessions to students
  • Opportunity to bid into project support funds to support work into climate change programmes.
  • Personal and employability skills developed in ambassadors

How to get involved

To be involved colleges must be signed up to the AoC Sport Student Leadership Programme. To register your college, please complete this sign-up form.

Student Leadership Programme