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Student Leadership Programme

The Student Leadership Programme is an AoC Sport project to support colleges to enhance and develop volunteering programmes for their students.

The programme aims to get more college students to volunteer in sport and physical activity and to diversify the volunteer workforce. Any AoC Sport member college can register to be part of the programme, whether they have an existing volunteer programme or not.

AoC Sport Student Leadership Programme 2024-25

Our vision:

For influential, world-changing young people to be seen, heard, developed, and supported through sector-leading programmes founded in sport and physical activity.


Balance targeted and a universally proportionate approach to recruit & develop a diverse student workforce to ​

1. Increase levels of physical activity within FE

2. Develop active citizens, advocates, influencers, activists ​

3. Enabling a bigger & better student offer/ experience by increased resource & staff capacity. We will do this by offering a menu of opportunities for colleges to engage with to support student leadership in and through sport.

To find out more about the individual elements we run please click through to the individual pages.

Expectations of colleges

The Student Leadership Programme is in place to support colleges and students who are taking on leadership roles to increase opportunities for their peers to become physically active. It is the role and expectation of colleges to maximise the options within the programme how they best see fit for their college, students, and needs.

Colleges will be required to recruit student ambassadors and support them to develop and deliver projects and activities at their college. The Ambassador programmes offer some suggestions and examples, but no specific direction or any targets/ requirements to deliver against.

We want colleges to have the maximum freedom to create and deliver opportunities, AoC Sport put in place support for ambassadors and funding opportunities to extend opportunities to be involved in under-served groups and communities.

The various parts of the Student Leadership Programme will have different expectations for the college accessing them, for example, any funding opportunities will require monitoring and evaluation.

All colleges who access the overall benefits of the Student Leadership Programme will need to ensure any student volunteers who engage in any part of the programme complete a personal development survey to show the impact volunteering has had on them.

Ambassador Programmes

This Girl Can Ambassadors

This Girl Can Ambassadors promote and inspire other females within their colleges to participate in sport and physical activity whilst raising awareness of the Sport England This Girl Can campaign.

Wellbeing Ambassadors

Wellbeing Ambassadors promote the physical activity benefits on mental health and wellbeing and to support students experiencing mental health problems to become more active. 

Inclusion Ambassadors

Inclusion Ambassadors inspire and support other students from under-served groups into sport and physical activity as well as promoting inclusive activities at their college.

Green Ambassadors

Green Ambassadors promote environmental sustainability and raise awareness about climate change within college. Encouraging fellow students to get physically active while fostering an environmentally conscious mindset.

ECFA Activator[s]

ECFA Activators support the delivery football opportunities that help more students play or volunteer within football at your college.

RFU Ambassadors

RFU Ambassadors inspire others to participate along with supporting the planning, delivery and reporting of new rugby opportunities.

Funding Opportunities

SLP colleges can apply for funding to support and develop their volunteering programmes. This includes:

1. The Access Fund aims to support colleges to engage volunteers & participants from diverse and underserved backgrounds through innovative projects.

2. The Student Project Fund for ambassadors and activators to apply for student-led projects aimed at reducing levels of inactivity.

How to get involved

To sign up to join the AoC Sport Student Leadership Programme for the 2024/25 academic year, please fill out this short form.

Information about the different opportunities within the Student Leadership Programme will be sent directly to registered colleges, and a general overview of each programme can be found on the links below.

If you have any questions, please contact