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Ofsted & Inspection

Education Inspection Framework

In 2019, Ofsted implemented its new education inspection framework (EIF) which places greater emphasis on the substance of education.

The key changes to the framework are as follows:

  • A new quality of education judgement – focusing on curriculum intent, implementation and impact.
  • The removal of the outcomes judgement.
  • The separation of behaviours and attitudes (exhibited by students) and personal development judgements (the activities a college provides to develop students outside of their academic or technical discipline).
  • The simplification of provision types – education programmes for young people, apprenticeships, high needs provision and adult learning programmes.
  • The introduction of the deep dive methodology.

The Further Education & Skills Inspection handbook describes the main activities that inspectors carry out when they inspect further education and skills providers in England and may be useful to providers preparing for an inspection.

Support for members

Colleges are in no doubt of the benefits of sports, physical activity and wellbeing activities, but will always be looking for the evidence of impact as part of making the case for this work and their self-assessment or pre-inspection documentation.

AoC Sport has started to collate resources in support of this, that are now accessible on our Sport and Inspection Resource Hub.