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FE Youth Collective

We are working to build a space to share the lived experience of students currently in college and FE, allowing for real and relevant discussion and action.

Quite simply, we should not be doing anything about them, without them.

This will culminate with the creation of a collective of 10-12 young people from within FE, from across the country who meet monthly through a mix of virtual and in person events to share journeys and reflections on the current experience.

As we enter our second year, the group will help us to ensure that the student experience is the most positive it can be. The key topics raised throughout the 2022/23 year have been around student mental health, the cost of education and access to enrichment. During the next get-together, the current and new members will develop key actions and the mission statement for the group to work to over the coming year and beyond.

Our working values for The FE Youth Collective are:

Considerate: Of the lives of FE students and views of differing to our own.
Non-judgmental: Embracing the perspectives and ambitions of everyone as a person first.
Honesty: In how we show up, challenge others and the systems.
Fun: To find energy and life in all that we do.
Believe in Better: Quite simply, all our thoughts, words and actions are driven to ensure the student experience is the best it can be and continues to evolve.

Showing and living these values is enough and everything required to be the difference. It does not matter if those involved have any interest or role in sport or student enrichment, what is important is that they feel they can share their perspective!

We are asking for colleges to recommend learners to us to be a part of the collective, learners can also nominate themselves. Students who could benefit additional support and training, as well as the opportunity to voice opinions and experiences influencing the work of AoC and AoC Sport.

The FE Youth Collective 2023-24 Open for Nominations!

This year we have also provided the option for students to nominate themselves, with a closing date of May 15th 2023, please use this link:

For more information, please have a read of the information pack and watch the video explaining the intended role of The FE Youth Collective.

If you want to find out more, or have any questions please contact Sarah Nickless or 07826 459427,

Harrison, Current FE Youth Collective member

"The AoC's new FE Youth Collective has given me a great opportunity to voice the thoughts of my local students on national level. It's extremely enjoyable, especially due to the potential of what this collective could become!"

Courteney Ford, Engagement Officer at Warrington & Vale Royal College,

“As a member of staff who has had the privilege of being present during the work of the FE Youth Collective this year, I can say without a doubt what a fantastic programme and opportunity it is for young people. For them to be able to meet with other students from different geographical locations, types of colleges and differing curriculums, has been a wonderful opportunity for students to discuss concerns and issues that they see are at the forefront of 16-18 education in the UK today. The Collective are dedicated to instructing real change within the sector, and not only do they want the change, they’ve got brilliant ideas of just how to do this. The FE Youth Collective is one of the best opportunities I have come across for young people to be able to develop their confidence, and have their voices listened too. I have been blown away by the maturity, and manner in which the members of the collective have conducted themselves, and I can’t wait to see how their work develops in the next academic year.”