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Research Further

The Research Further initiative was established collaboratively by Association of Colleges and NCFE to support, drive and encourage college-centred research that can help influence policy and practice in late 2021.

In this first year of the programme, 11 FE practitioners were appointed to undertake post-graduate research in an area where evidence is currently lacking. Scholars are part of a supportive community of peers, and the topics that these scholars are investigating currently range from the regional impact of further education colleges to CPD and subject-specific pedagogy.

In early 2023 Research Further was joined by two additional funders, ETF and Edge, which allowed for 5 additional scholars to join the cohort.

The work carried out by the scholars throughout their time with Research Further will be disseminated through a webinar series, and new knowledge on pedagogy or policy will be shared with the sector through think-pieces, reports, articles and blogs.

The work of Research Further is supported by a high calibre advisory board, consisting of representatives from government, awarding organisations, funders, and sector leaders from across the UK. The board advises on research themes and the selection of scholars that will be supported.

Research Further webinar recordings


Webinar 1: Key Considerations for Scoping your project

Date: 24.05.22

You can watch this webinar here.

Webinar 2: Working with data

Date: 21.09.22

You can watch this webinar here.

Webinar 3: Tackling the literature review

Date: 23.10.22

You can watch this webinar here.


Webinar 1: A fine balance: managing competing pressures as an FE practitioner researcher

Date: 28.03.2023

You can watch this webinar here.

Webinar 2: Surveys and questionnaires, what to ask and how.

Date: 24.05.23

You can watch this webinar here.

Webinar 3: The link between theory and practice - how your research can help your practice

Date: 29.06.23

You can watch this webinar here.

Become a Research Further scholar

Unfortunately we are not receiving applications to become a Research Further scholar at this time.

For any questions, get in touch with