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AoC Strategy Groups

AoC Strategy Groups will:

  • Inform campaigning and influencing priorities
  • Contribute to the formulation of AoC policy on all matters in colleges ensuring the needs of students, communities and employers are met, by providing advice to the 2030 group, AoC Board and members.
  • Provide a forum to work with Government Departments, agencies and partner organisations etc. on policy formation and implementation
  • Collate and develop views on behalf of colleges to feedback to national agencies on the impact of national policy on Colleges and their students and stakeholders, including on financial implications
  • Promote and advocate for delivery of high-quality provision, ensuring colleges’ central place in delivery of the policy agenda
  • Enhance and strengthen the reputation of colleges, as high-quality centres of learning
  • Identify and support key areas of AoC research output
  • Routinely consider EDI and sustainability implications of Government Policy and AoC Policy lines
  • Ensure effective two-way communication with AoC members through regional forums and the AoC Governance structure on this area of policy
  • Meet termly online with additional short notice meetings as required.
  • Include at least one Principal/CEO from each region.
  • Each college to be represented at only one Strategy Group to allow a broad range of representation.
  • Every effort should be made to prioritise Strategy Group meetings – substitutions will not be possible.
  • Members may be asked to represent the sector at external meetings.