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Erasmus+ EXPECT Project


AoC have participated in the Erasmus+ EXPECT project - Exchanges in practices for education for climate targets.

The project's objective is to exchange and stocktake good practices in order to learn from other countries, to report on the lessons learnt at several relevant stakeholders and to lay the foundation for a later and more comprehensive follow up project.

All European countries are committed to the objectives of the climate agreements and they have all set out their climate targets. These targets can only be reached by involving Education and more precisely Vocational Education and training. The project will try to find possible answers to the question of how VET can contribute to the challenges. The partnership will investigate the state of affairs in the partner countries, the progress they are making towards the climate targets, the role that VET is playing in this process and the strategies and instruments that are being applied in the other countries. This will be done through 7 Peer Learning Activities (PLA's), that will be held in all partner countries: Austria, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Spain and the UK.

Association of Colleges (AoC) was delighted to host the 4th Peer Learning Activity for the EXPECT project in the United Kingdom on 8 and 9 November 2021. Brighton was chosen as the host city because of the range of relevant developments taking place in the region. It has the only Green Party MP in the UK parliament as well as a large Green Party presence on the city council. Read more about the delegates visit to the UK here.

Please find a series of blogs written by AoC’s Senior Policy Manager, Eddie Playfair, which detail each AoC visits on the EXPECT project:

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Our Latvian project partners have multiple EXPECT newsletters throughout the project. All newsletters are available to download below:

For any further information on the project please contact Alyson Hastie.