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Tips for local media coverage

  1. We know you are already in the habit of doing this, but particularly with something as time sensitive as Colleges Week, make sure you contact the news desk of your local newspaper, radio or TV station in plenty of time to let them know about events or activities you are running and invite one of their journalists along. You could also invite your local MP to these events, and make sure the journalists are aware if any are planning to attend.
  2. Again, we know you will already be preparing for that, but produce a brief press release after any activities you hold, and make sure you have a high-quality photo to go alongside it. You could ask photography lecturers/ students to take pictures of events - these photos will be great for social media and could be featured as a simple picture story in the local newspaper. A template press release is below which you could adapt to your needs.
  3. Make sure you share that release and associated PR to your local paper, radio and TV stations. Many local newspapers (full list here) will have a National World portal which allows you to submit your own press release. You can create an account for free, and the story is more likely to be published if you have a picture to submit with it. You can also self-publish on FE news. If you think your event could hold national interest, please get in touch with Kate Parker ( who will be able to support you with this.
  4. Things that make for good news stories include student-organised events, community outreach activities, hosting special visitors, and skills competitions. You could also offer an interview with, or a blog from, the principal or chair. Writing to the Chancellor of the Exchequer or education secretary provides a good news hook, and a timely one, given the spring budget is just over a month away, and a general election is on the horizon. A template press release is below, which you could adapt to your needs.
  5. Last but not least, make use of your great, well established social media channels and encourage students and staff to post from their own accounts with the #LoveOurColleges and #CollegesWeek2024 hashtags. Tag the local newspaper, radio and TV station in your tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts.


[Enter activities here] will take place [enter date here] at [enter college name here] to celebrate the seventh annual Colleges Week.

[Enter details of the events/ activities here, including how many students took part, over how many days the events took place, and if any special guests came along].

[Principal name] said: [Insert personalised quote here, could include any of the specific activities the college has organised in here].

[MP/ Local councillor] said: [Insert supportive quote here if applicable].

[Student name] said: [Insert personalised quote about what it was like to take part in the activities here].

Across the country, colleges are marking Colleges Week from 26 February. Around 1.6m students are educated in further education colleges across the UK, and this annual event is an opportunity to showcase the breadth of opportunities colleges provide and the ways in which they transform lives and communities.

This year, the celebrations have been moved to the spring, in recognition of a likely general election in the autumn. The week focuses on the role colleges have in ensuring we have an inclusive, tolerant, welcoming, strong society and a growing and productive economy.

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