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Governance Recruitment


AoC has over 20 years’ experience of supporting colleges with their recruitment needs. We provide insight into building strong boards of governors, who are representatives of diverse backgrounds and communities.

Get in touch with our experienced team for a confidential conversation about your governor recruitment process. Our team can provide advice and guidance about your recruitment campaign and provide insight about the current recruitment market. This enables you to identify a diverse pool of candidates with the complex blend of strategic vision, integrity and skills your college needs to thrive.


Committed to Diversity in Governance
Recent governance surveys conducted by the AoC indicated that governance recruitment remains a significant challenge for the sector. Therefore, we have launched Promoting Diversity in Governance. This campaign encourages individuals from all walks of life to consider entering the world of governance and highlight the value they can bring to the role.

We believe college boards across the country should be striving to the diversity of membership that reflects their student population and the communities they serve. By promoting diversity in governance, we can ensure that college governance goes from strength to strength and truly represents the communities their college serves.

Read More About Our Campaign
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If you’re looking for a discreet conversation about recruiting to your board, please email and a member of the team will be in touch shortly.