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College communications, marketing and campaigns community

We’re really pleased to launch Association of Colleges’ comms, marketing and campaigns community (CMCC). There are lots of brilliant people doing lots of brilliant things in colleges every day, but it can often feel like we’re fighting the tide alone.

Like true comms professionals, we spent ages trying to think of the right name for it, but we very purposefully settled on ‘community’ because that’s what we intend it to be. It’s going to be the chance for practitioners to come together, to learn from each other, to share best practice, and to help each other out. We see ourselves as facilitators, not leaders in this – that's you. While we’ll be hosting regular events and sharing resources monthly, we hope the conversations will continue throughout, and without us. We want to connect peers and build your relationships, not be the gatekeepers. With that in mind, we are keen to know what you would like from your marcomms community... what topics would you like us to cover? How would you like to be communicated with? What resources would you like to see us supporting you with? Please send all of your thoughts to

We want to make this community as large and inclusive as we possibly can. To join the mailing list, please make sure you are registered for our website, and then email to let us know you would like to be added.