AoC London

AoC’s London region has 47 member colleges. We help our member colleges to deliver social and economic benefit to people, businesses and communities on the ground. We also make sure they are fully engaged in debates about the sector so they have a say in AoC policy.

For more information about London colleges, please visit the LondonColleges website, managed by AoC London.

AoC London team:  
Mary Vine-Morris
Regional Director
Tel. 020 7034 9935
Cell: 07775 409343
Riikka Vihriala
Regional Projects Manager
Tel. 020 7034 9956
Cell: 07341 479 345
Judith Smyth
Deputy Director
Tel. 020 7034 9936
Cell: 07775 408 754
Jessie Sefulu-Tosswill
Regional Coordinator
Tel. 020 7034 9938
Regional Coordinator
(Tues, Wed, Thur)
Tel. 020 7034 9937

Where to find us: 2-5 Stedham Place, London WC1A 1HU