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T Level Curriculum Macro-Sequencing

T Level Macro-Sequencing Curriculum Resources

T Levels require a new model of curriculum planning and sequencing. Providers have the flexibility to sequence and deliver programme elements (including the core content and skills, employer set project, occupational specialism, industry placement, and embedding appropriate maths, English and digital skills) to meet student need.

T Level providers must plan and deliver the qualification over the two-year programme, ensuring the fundamental elements are in place and sequenced effectively to develop the student’s skills, knowledge, and behaviours appropriately in preparation for their early careers.

This project, supported by the Gatsby Foundation, has brought together wave 1 and wave 2 T Level providers to identify and share best practice in macro-sequencing. Five route based focus groups were established in construction, digital, engineering and manufacturing, health and science, and agriculture environmental and animal care.

Providers were invited to attend two sessions where collectively they explored effective models of curriculum sequencing for different students, locations and provider types. Recommended models have been produced and will soon be shared to support providers as they scale up T Level delivery.