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AoC’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Charter for further education sector organisations

The signatories to this charter are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within the further education sector. We have come together to share publicly what we are doing to make progress and to use our collective efforts to amplify what can be achieved. Our leadership and resources will be focused on creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all learners across further education.

The commitment

We, as the signatory organisations, agree to combine our expertise and influence to create a more powerful and coordinated approach to address equity, diversity and inclusion in further education in England. We agree that by communicating collectively and working together that we can amplify our impact.

To make the most impact, we will, where appropriate:

  • develop joint programmes and initiatives that focus on promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in further education, fostering a more inclusive environment for students and professionals.
  • facilitate regular forums for sharing best practices, research findings and successful strategies to address specific challenges related to equity and inclusion in the education sector.
  • work together on advocacy efforts to influence policies and practices at both institutional and governmental levels, promoting inclusive policies and removing barriers to access.
  • collaborate on data collection initiatives to identify gaps and disparities, enabling evidence-based decision-making and targeted interventions.
  • regularly assess the impact of our collaborative efforts, seeking feedback from stakeholders and making necessary adjustments to ensure continuous improvement.

We will lead by example, tracking our impact by: 

  • setting organisational and individual objectives.
  • identifying short and medium-term success measures appropriate to our context.
  • publicising progress and the difference we have made in our annual report.