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Green Skills - Green Jobs

What we are doing

Colleges train and educate across a wide range of sectors which will all have to adapt to net zero, including healthcare, hospitality, and agriculture. All jobs in the future will need to be green jobs to meet environmental targets.

To ensure the necessary skills and capacity are developed in time to meet environmental targets, it is essential that the strong and central role colleges can and must play in this process is recognised. Colleges can demonstrate their commitment to the net zero agenda by joining the global Race To Zero campaign (formerly Global Climate Letter).

Responding to parliamentary work: In March 2021, we submitted written evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee inquiry on green jobs.

In July 2020, we wrote a joint letter, in partnership with the University and College Union and Students Organising for Sustainability UK, to the Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills and the Chancellor of the Exchequer urging them to commit to major new investment in further education to close the skills gap that is rapidly widening across the low carbon sectors.

Skills and training for the green economy

CBI submission to the Green Jobs Taskforce