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Governance: How we support members

Good governance is essential to the successful running of colleges. We provide services, support and guidance specifically for clerks, governance professionals, chairs and governors.

We offer a dedicated advice service to inform on any aspect of governance including policy, funding, law and best practice, and also deliver governor inductions, policy seminars and webinars on critical issues.

In addition, AoC provides the opportunity for governors and clerks to meet both locally and nationally to share best practice and influence policy.

Governance professionals can:

  • access our chairs and vice chairs Q&A webinar
  • receive our monthly governance briefing
  • attend governor and chairs networks and conferences
  • access the governance area of the website with important updates resources, templates, guides and hot topics.

AoC National Chairs’ Council

We developed the AoC National Chairs' Council to harness the experience and expertise of governors, represent their views in the formulation of AoC policy and promote best practice in college governance.

The council maintains networks in all AoC’s regions which aim to engage with governors and collect their views to inform AoC policy and initiatives.

AoC National Governance Professionals’ group

This group exists to promote excellence in governance by providing a mutual support network for clerks and a communications channel for those in a position to influence college governance.