East Kent College Group

Graham Razey, CEO East Kent College Group, details how his college is preparing to open its campus buildings...

Managing students on campus

We are preparing to provide videos in advance to all students who will be invited onto campus clearly showing them the route they should take (we have created a number of coloured routes) from the edge of the campus grounds to their designated classroom / workshop. The videos will also give demonstrations on the expected behaviours regarding social distancing, handwashing and other hygiene matters.

Starting small, building confidence

Our motto for the phased re-opening is ‘starting small building confidence’. Our phased re-opening is structured so that direct routes from the edge of the campus to a classroom / workshop can be achieved without crossing any other route and not sharing any corridors. Each route will include its own set of toilets, handwashing facilities and refreshment service (water). Each day will be structured in two 2.5 hour blocks with plenty of time for deep cleaning in between each session. Students will not move from their classroom / workshop and will only follow their designated route. Students will only attend 1 session per day to ensure that there is no requirement to manage breaks, food etc in the first phase.

Graham Razey CEO East Kent College Group