Anne Murdoch (retired as Principal Feb 2018)

Name: Anne Murdoch

Name and type of college: Principal of Newbury College, 2001 to 2018.

History of organisation: As Principal, I led a college from inadequate to good quality and a financial deficit to a healthy surplus position.

I was also Principal during the most recent Area Review process when the College remained stand alone.

At ASCL, I provide support to Members and promote and develop ASCL’s FE Policy.

Experience to draw from: General experience over 17 years as a Principal and CEO and 4 years prior to that as a Deputy Principal.

Experience of working within a PFI contract.

Experience of building a new college campus and whole college move.

Experience of Area Reviews and previous iterations; six Ofsted inspections (two as nominee); membership of regional and national committees; Chair of the Principals Professional Council; experience of political context and lobbying on behalf of FE.

I am able to support you with:

  • Governance and Governor/Principal relationships.
  • Private Finance Initiative/property
  • Staffing matters and relationships with staff/unions
  • Political, community and stakeholder relationships

Contact information: