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AoC/RCU report on 24+ advanced learner enrolments in colleges

19 June 2019

AoC asked RCU to produce a report on enrolments in colleges by students using 24+ advanced learner loans. The report uses data from college Individual Learner Records (ILRs) which they share with RCU via the MIDES service. The report compares trends in loan-supported enrolments in 2014-15 with those in the first year of the scheme in 2013-14. This covers more than 80% of colleges and shows that those using loans for advanced courses are predominantly female, are mainly in early middle age (between 25 and 35) and are more likely to live in disdvantaged areas. The most popular courses are in accountancy and education. These figures are not official statistics but provide a useful insight into loan activity in colleges. 2014_15 24+ Loans Report V1 1 June 2015.pdf 2014_15 24+ Loans Report V1 1 June 2015.pdf (PDF,398.21 KB)