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Governance Recruitment

Committed to the FE Sector

AoC has over 20 years’ experience of filling college governor vacancies. We can work with you to build a strong board of governors, representative of the communities you serve and with a broad skill set, so your college can be led in the most effective way.

Our experienced team proactively identify the best governance professionals from the FE sector and beyond, providing a rigorous assessment process to ensure that your college continues to go from strength to strength.

Get in touch with our experienced recruitment team who can support you identify a diverse pool of candidates with the complex blend of strategic vision, integrity and skills your college needs to thrive.

Thank you so much for the support that AoC provided RHACC to recruit our new Chair. It was invaluable. The process went very smoothly. Your help in putting the questions together and preparing the panel meant that we were focused on ensuring the new Chair had the specific skills our organisation needs to take us through the next four years.

– Gabrielle Flint, Principal & CEO, Richmond & Hillcroft Adult Community College

Committed to Diversity in Governance

Recent governance surveys conducted by the AoC indicated that governance recruitment remains a significant challenge for the sector, so we have launched Promoting Diversity in Governance, a campaign to encourage individuals from all walks of life to consider entering the world of governance and highlight the value they can bring to the role.

We believe college boards across the country should be striving to the diversity of membership that reflects their student population and the communities they serve. By promoting diversity in governance, we can ensure that college governance goes from strength to strength and truly represents the communities their college serves.

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