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The Centenary Commission for Adult Education - AoC responds

18 November 2019

A new report published today (Monday 18 November) is calling for adult education to be made a 'national necessity' building on the 1919 report from the Ministry of Reconstruction Adult Education Committee setting out a compelling vision for lifelong learning 100 years on. Responding to the Centenary Commision on Adult Education, Chief Executive David Hughes said: “The Centenary Commission on Adult Education comes at a crucial time. The report makes timely recommendations for the economy and society, at a time where all major parties are prioritising lifelong learning and skills for a future government. Gaining vital skills throughout a person’s life and retraining to meet the needs of an ever changing workforce seems like a simple and effective idea, but since the first report 100 years ago, it’s never quite taken hold in the way it should have. This has to change. Adult education is absolutely a ‘national necessity’ and needs to be underpinned by a new collaborative approach to post-16 education, through regional and local relationships and a more joined up approach from colleges, universities, government and local authorities. This is the only way to ensure that we deliver on the vision set out 100 years ago.” You can read the full report here.