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The 16-17 railcard will help but bus travel support would help more

19 June 2019

The Department for Transport has announced plans for a 50% railcard for 16 and 17-year-olds to start in September 2019. AoC Deputy Chief Executive, Julian Gravatt, said "This will benefit tens of thousands of young people every day though not the 18-year-olds spending a third year at colleges to catch up on what they missed earlier in school (i.e. if they do not do well at GCSE). The Transport for London card for young people (16+ Zip Oyster card) includes an arrangement for 18-year-olds to obtain travel support until they finish their course "Today’s announcement is about rail fares but if the government wanted to make a real difference for young people from disadvantaged families it would provide support to cover bus travel. "Support for all forms of post-16 transport has been cut back in recent years as a result of the end of Education Maintenance Allowances and cuts to council budgets. Social mobility generally requires actual mobility."