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ETF report on Training Needs Analysis: AoC responds

20 May 2019

In response to today's report from the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) on training needs analysis, David Hughes, Chief Executive of the Association of Colleges, said: “We are very pleased that ETF has commissioned this research and worked closely with AoC and others to scope and carry it out. The research provides great insight into the workforce needs of colleges and other providers and is an important evidence base for further development of the sector. “Government and employers have become increasingly aware of the need to invest more in skills for young people and adults. That investment will only be effective if the lecturers and other staff supporting students themselves have the skills and knowledge to provide quality experiences. The research shows many positives about the investment colleges make in their staff but perhaps unsurprisingly, more needs to be done. “Together with ETF, we can agree the priorities for what colleges and their staff want and need in terms of workforce and professional development. Much of that need will be met by college investment, some of it will need continued Government support, particularly as new policy is implemented, such as T Levels.” Report can be found on the ETF website