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EPI report on life outcomes of students taking vocational qualifications - AoC response

07 November 2019

Responding to today's report from the Education Policy Institute on life outcomes for students taking vocational qualifications, Chief Executive David Hughes said: “Today’s report from the EPI is further evidence that our education system is deeply unequal. Technical and vocational qualifications have, for too long, been viewed as the route ‘for other people’s children’. This report shows how their life chances can be impacted compared with those taking the so-called academic route. We need to debate and discuss the findings with politicians and policy makers, because our economy needs more skilled people and this situation is simply not fair. With colleges delivering the majority of vocational courses, they are producing the skilled people that employers are crying out for. That’s precisely why a sustainable and long-term funding settlement is needed. We need an education system in this country that supports and uplifts everybody, no matter the route they choose.” You can read the full report here.