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EPI report finds that England's technical education lags behind other nations - AoC responds

05 March 2020

The Education Policy Institute (EPI) has published a comprehensive comparison of technical education in England and the UK with other developed countries. Chief Executive, David Hughes said: “Today’s report from the EPI shows that the education system is still placing too much emphasis on academic pathways for young people. It’s a great route which takes a minority of young people from good GCSEs to good A Levels and into a residential Bachelors’ degree. For the majority of young people this is not working, nor will it ever work. We are at best ignoring and at worst neglecting the majority of learners needs, talents and life chances. It’s no secret that funding cuts to colleges have hit technical subjects really hard. We’re now seeing the impact on hard to fill job vacancies and employers worried about where they will find the skills they need. We want to see greater investment and a new approach from the Government, working with colleges and employers together to boost technical education and training in England. That will require clearer pathways for young people who don’t go on to university at 18, but which play to their talents and aspirations and support them into productive and fulfilling careers."