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AoC responds to PAC report on support for vulnerable adolescents

22 February 2023

Responding to the publication of the Commons Public Accounts Select Committee's report on support for vulnerable adolescents, David Holloway, AoC Senior Policy Manager said: "This report rightly highlights the incoherence of multi-agency working for adolescents who are vulnerable to dangers like criminal exploitation, homelessness, or severe mental health difficulties.

"Child safeguarding is inconsistent and, as AoC said in its evidence to the committee, the situation for older adolescents is worse because there is no established structure for agencies to work together. The patchwork of interagency efforts across the country falls far short of what young people need and deserve. More 16 to 18-year-olds are in colleges than in school sixth forms. So solutions should build on the work colleges already do to keep older adolescents safe and to help vulnerable young people to get their lives back on track."