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AoC responds to Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s speech on his party’s five missions for Government

23 February 2023

Responding to Sir Keir Starmer’s speech on his party’s five missions for Government, AoC chief executive David Hughes said: “It is refreshing to hear the Labour leader’s pledge to listen to the experts in developing their missions. Colleges will bring enormous expertise, passion and insight into how those missions can be implemented for the benefit of all communities and businesses across the country.

“Colleges must be front and centre of plans to unlock the potential of every young person and adult as they are anchor institutions in local communities and have the expertise on the ground to educate and train people for the well-paid jobs which both individuals and the wider economy needs.

“In order to train people to be the heat pump fitters, builders, engineers and electricians Sir Keir speaks of, we need a right to lifelong learning; fair, accessible and effective funding; and a national strategy to support, inclusive growth.

“We will keep working with all political parties to make sure colleges are recognised and prioritised as the engines of growth they are.”