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Dr. Vivienne Ming, Owner of Socos Labs image
Dr. Vivienne Ming, Owner of Socos Labs

Dr. Vivienne Ming is a neuroscientist, entrepreneur, author and co-founder of the think-tank Socos. A former visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, Vivienne specialises in artificial intelligence systems that improve healthcare and children’s education and learning. She also looks more widely at the many ways technology can improve life and work, as well as barriers, abuses and problems bias and the imperfect use of data can bring. Vivienne has appeared on BBC Radio 4 and Radio 1, and NPR in the US, and was ranked in the BBC’s 100 Women of the Year as well as the Financial Times’ LGBT leaders and allies of today. She has also been featured in the Financial Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian and The New York Times