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EDSK 'Runaway Training' report on apprentice levy - AoC responds

03 January 2020

Today (Friday 3 January) the EDSK think tank has released a new report 'Runaway Training' detailing the problems with the apprenticeship system and levy since 2017. Chief Executive David Hughes said: “There is no doubt that a fresh approach to the apprenticeship programme is urgently needed and today’s report from EDSK adds to the debate we need to achieve that. This report unearths some of the root causes of the problems with the current setup. Sadly, we do not have a sustainable apprenticeship model. That will require clearer purpose and priorities, fairer access and a stronger funding model. We have been calling on the government for this for some time now. Simply stopping level 2 apprentices will not solve the problem; in fact it would risk shutting some of the most vulnerable people out of education and training. Problems also exist at the highest levels - MBAs and other high-level training being rebadged as ‘apprenticeships’ need to be examined. Their growth has been at the expense of chances for younger people looking for their first opportunity in the workplace. Apprenticeships are vital for a modern labour market, but they must deliver high-quality transferable skills for people entering the labour market alongside better approaches to workforce development. Otherwise they will not meet the needs of the wider workforce." You can read the full report here. *The £1.2bn is an EDSK estimate of the public funds spent on apprenticeships in three areas (low skill/generic, management training, degree and masters apprenticeships) over 3 financial years (2017-8, 2018-9 and 2019-20)