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HE submissions & publications

AoC regularly writes submissions responding to government documents and various HE agencies consultation reports, which often explain key FE and HE issues and indicate how we support colleges. Over time we will populate this section of the website with submissions dating back three years.

AoC regularly produces policy reports, conducts surveys amongst its member colleges and commissions research from outside organisations and agencies. It also successfully bids for project resources that lead to useful reports which are also included in this section of the website.

Our research and statistics section contains a wide range of reports and information.

This section is dedicated to research and reports related to college higher education (HE) and the wider English HE policy context. We also submit responses to consultations from government departments, which can be found on our submissions section.

Within these pages you will find:

  • Reports that influence policy
  • Internal member surveys and analysis
  • Research commissioned from external agencies
  • Interim and final project reports
  • External reports relating to college HE practice and policy