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Colleges Week official supporters

How partners can support colleges week in the run up to the campaign:

1. Connect with colleges

    We can help connect you with colleges, whether that is finding a college near your offices or linking home-based staff with providers in their own communities. Let them know you are supporting Colleges Week and start a conversation about how you can collaborate.

    2. Arrange a visit

    For those who have not been to their local college, Colleges Week is a great opportunity to plan a trip to have a look around. It could be a great team-building activity.

      3. Engage your staff

      It is likely there are colleagues in your organisation who have been to college so now is the time to ask who has and might want to share their stories. Perhaps there are parents whose children attend a college or someone who is enrolled on an evening course. Making these people feel seen during Colleges Week can be really powerful.

      4. Share some stories

      Use your social media channels to share stories of how your organisation works with colleges. Any visual content, whether its videos, photos or infographics will all help drive engagement and you can use the #LoveOurColleges hashtag to help amplify your content. You can share these case studies and best practice with stakeholders including local politicians and the media.

      5. Build lasting relationships

      Whether you already engage with colleges daily or you want to develop your new network, Colleges Week is great way to grow those relationships and can be a springboard into a year-around relationship.

                Please find some of our official supporters below: