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SGS Sixth in Bristol has achieved a strong set of results

SGS Sixth in Bristol has achieved a strong set of results, with an impressive 70% of students attaining grades A*-C. The college's dedication to academic excellence and student growth is evident in the outstanding progress showcased by its students. Some notable successes were seen in Maths (40% A*/A), Further Maths (67%A*/A) and Criminology (93% A*-C), with outstanding high grades and a raft and A*s across many other subjects. The overall pass rates were also strong, with (98%) achieving their full qualifications. There was also excellent performance in our newest BTEC course, Forensics and Criminal Investigations, with 6 from 10 achieving Distinctions.

Behind these figures lie the remarkable stories of individual triumphs. 16 students have achieved the extraordinary feat of securing a suite of A*s and As. Their achievement showcases their academic ability, commitment and ambition but also reflects the outstanding guidance and support provided by the teachers within the Sixth Form. As these students step forward to embrace their academic futures, many are poised to enter some of the country's most prestigious universities (Russell Group, top 20).

SGS Sixth is more than just grades and percentages; it's a place where individual talent is nurtured, and students are allowed to pursue a wide range of extracurricular activities, including over 30 Academies and access to professional-level sports facilities. The journey of students like Isobel Patel epitomises combining academic and sporting excellence. Isobel has secured a professional contract at Western Storm and has dreams of becoming one of the country’s leading female cricket players. She leaves having achieved A*, A, B in PE, Biology and Chemistry and is studying Sport and Medical Science. Many others have benefited from additional activities outside of the classroom, with Maths and Science Clubs, STEM lectures, and university trips.

Head of SGS Sixth (Pastoral), Gary Parsons, commented, "Our student's achievements are a testament to their hard work and dedication, as well as the tireless efforts of our teachers. SGS Sixth takes immense pride in providing a nurturing environment enabling students to flourish academically and personally."

Head of SGS Sixth (Academic), Becky Riddell, also praised the staff, commenting, “I am profoundly grateful to each member of our dedicated staff at SGS Sixth. Today, as we celebrate the achievements of our students, it is important to acknowledge the commitment, support, and professionalism our staff has demonstrated this academic year; the late nights, extra revision sessions and countless 121s have been the bedrock upon which our students' success stories have been built.”

Here are just a few case studies among the countless successes:

Bryce Gapper (Maths at Warwick University)

Bryce's exceptional achievement of securing A* grades in A-Level Mathematics, Physics and Further Mathematics highlights his impressive command of numbers but also reflects his obvious potential. Beyond his A-Level grades, Bryce's journey at SGS Sixth has reflected his growth as a thinker and a scholar. His participation in the college's Honours Programme highlights his thirst for knowledge and intellectual exploration. The programme, designed to foster a deeper understanding of subjects and encourage critical thinking, has provided Bryce with a platform to expand his academic curiosity. He is off to study Maths at Warwick University.

Bryce comments: “I have loved studying here. I really like my teachers they are so kind and supportive. I have particularly enjoyed studying whist doing the rugby academy and I would recommend the programme to anyone wanting to play sport whist studying. I am over the moon with my results. I couldn’t have asked for better. I am now looking forward to starting the next chapter at Warwick University.”

Erin Martin (BTEC Forensics & A Level Psychology to study Forensic Science at Derby)

Erin Martin's story stands out as an example of dedication, commitment, and the pursuit of excellence. With unwavering determination, Erin has secured an impressive Distinction* in her Forensics Diploma and developed industry-relevant practical skills. Her pursuit of the Forensics Diploma showcases her desire to learn and excel in a field that demands precision, analytical thinking, and a profound understanding of scientific principles. Erin is now off to study Forensic Science at the University of Derby.

Erin commented: “I have really enjoyed it here. Forensics is really fun and undertaking this course has confirmed the career route and university course I would like to take. I am nervous but excited to start university and I am so please and relieved with my results. “

This year’s exceptional results bear witness to an institution that goes beyond imparting knowledge. They reflect the broader aspiration to develop well-rounded, creative, confident, ambitious students ready to take on the challenges of the modern world, whether work, university, apprenticeships or higher study.

SGS Sixth continues to welcome student applications and has an impressive range of academic, technical and vocational qualifications to meet the student’s needs. To apply via the late applicant advice and guidance sessions, please visit for further details. The first A-Level Open Day for 2024-25 is Thursday 28th of September from 5:30 -8pm.