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The Voice of the FE Sector publication

25 October 2019

A group of education leaders have collected, edited and published a series of articles to capture the voices of leaders within the Further Education sector. The Voices of the Further Education Sector: The purpose of the Further Education Sector Now? document showcases a wide range and powerful set of voices. The selection of articles are the result of an Oxford University Saϊd Business School and the Education and Training Foundation(ETF) - sponsored further education (FE) Strategic Leadership Programme whereby participants were asked to identity a spectrum where FE was more aligned to private sector commercialism, or adding public value. “We are very proud that we have pulled together a wide range and powerful set of voices. It is rich in thinking and values,” says Stuart Rimmer, CEO and Principal of East Coast College. voices-of-the-further-education-sector-the-purpose-of-the-further-education-sector-now-2.pdf voices-of-the-further-education-sector-the-purpose-of-the-further-education-sector-now-2.pdf (PDF,531.03 KB)