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The Class of 2020 deserve a party, so we’re going to throw them one

24th June 2020

This year has been tough for all of us working in education, so imagine how it’s been for our students? Finishing your year, moving onto new courses and new institutions, or even leaving for the world of work, is nerve-wracking every year, so imagine how it’s been for our students? Throughout it all, students, in schools, colleges, and universities have been brilliant. They have been resilient and resourceful, and supportive and inspiring. We need to celebrate them. Which is where #Digiprom – set to be one of the biggest events in the history of education – comes in. Founded by former NUS President, Shakira Martin, #Digiprom will see colleges join with universities and schools for a day of celebration for all those students in their final year of study and training, who will have missed out on their proms, awards and graduations events. The two-part digital event will begin as a show of positivity that includes support from celebrities including Michael Dapaah, Bobby Segal and Radio 1xtra DJ Ace (with more to be announced) followed by a 4-room digital after party hosted by well-known Radio DJ’s. The event will attract at least 1 million current students finishing a prominent stage of their education this year. There will be lots of social media fun too. The goal is for every college to join with every school and university for a truly national celebration of student success. Colleges are being encouraged to promote #DigiProm to their students, encouraging them to take part, as well as weaving it into their own planned celebrations for students. Shakira Martin, Founder of the Class of 2020 and #DigiProm2020 said: “Colleges have such a diverse range of students, but each has their own story of hard work, perseverance, and achievement, and we cannot let their milestone moment go by without a party. #DigiProm is going to be like nothing education has seen before, but it’s going to be a day that the Class of 2020 will never forget. Make sure your students don’t miss out.” David Hughes, Chief Executive, Association of Colleges said: “Marking the end of college is a rite of passage that millions of us have enjoyed. Students leaving this year deserve that same moment to stand tall and proud, celebrating the things they’ve achieved, and looking forward to their bright futures ahead. The Association of Colleges is proud to be part of the Class of 2020.” The event will also be a launch pad to capture volunteers to take part in a longitudinal research study on the impact that Covid-19 will have on the social, economic and educational opportunities of The Class of 2020, bringing together academics and researchers across the education landscape.