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Support for further education sector to develop maths teachers of the future

19 June 2019

The Government this has announced the launch of a scheme to help raise maths standards of young people and adults by investing in the teachers of the future. The initiative will see further education colleges and providers given grants to support training of maths graduates employed to teach the subject at GCSE level and above. The initiative is specifically designed to help colleges and providers with the training of graduate maths teachers who are completing their teaching qualifications while working in the classroom, reflecting the further education sector’s preferred method of training new recruits while they teach. Colleges and training providers will be able to apply for a payment of £20,000 per graduate trainee and will be given the freedom and flexibility to provide the support and training that best meets the needs of each graduate. Details of the scheme and how to apply are available online at Funding for in-service Maths teacher training in FE guidance.