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Student mental health review - AoC responds

05 March 2020

The student mental health evidence review published today from What Works Wellbeing establishes what we know about effective ways to improve student mental health and wellbeing, based on 23 evidence reviews from across the world, and within the UK. Responding to the review, AoC Mental Health lead Richard Caulfield said: “Today’s report from What Works Wellbeing provides useful insight into the approaches taken by universities to improve mental health and wellbeing of students. While analysis of the situation in higher education is a great first step to supporting students in the most effective ways, the report also uncovers a gap in the evidence. It is clear there is a need for immediate research into what interventions work in further education to paint a clearer picture of what we know is a growing challenge for colleges also. 85% of colleges reported an increase in mental health problems in the past three years. While colleges work extremely hard to support all those who need their help, further research is required to understand what truly has an impact. A collection of evidence for a systematic review that allowed further education institutions to take an evidence-based approach like this would help to inform efforts in improving wellbeing significantly.” You can read the full review here.