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Refresh of the Register of Training Providers (ROTO)

10 September 2019

A number of colleges have failed to make the necessary additions to the due diligence sections, and some who have made the due diligence amendments have missed the capacity and capability section. In the light of this, AoC are re-posting the information that has previously been supplied: SFA have made some alterations to ROTO (in line with new procurement legislation) which require all providers to revisit their entries, including all colleges. Colleges who subcontract provision are also asked to check that their subcontractors with over £100,000 in total funded provision are also made aware of this need. SFA have contacted providers individually to inform them of this requirement. Failure to register at this time will bar you from growth or European funding opportunities. SFA have produced the presentation below which explains the process. Refresh Presentation (PPTX,245.34 KB) The register is open until 5.00pm on Friday 3 July. The pre-qualification process includes the following: · Due diligence questions: all organisations must complete and pass these if they want to be listed on the Register · Capacity and capability questions: in addition to completing the due diligence questions organisations must complete and pass the capacity and capability questions if they want to compete for funding opportunities (including ESF) in the future. Direct contract holders for the delivery of education and training services must complete and pass this if they want to apply for growth opportunities in the future. For further information, please refer to the Register of Training Organisations section on the SFA website on GOV.UK or email Register Help.