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Ofqual qualification price index - AoC responds

05 September 2019

Responding to today's publication of Ofqual's Qualification Price Index that showed an overall price increase of 4.5% in 2019, Senior Policy Manager Eddie Playfair said: “Today’s publication provides greater transparency about the rising cost of our qualification system and the relative costs of different qualification types. It’s a sobering reminder that our complex qualification system does not come cheap. Registrations claim an increasing share of college budgets, representing around £1 out of every £40. Costs to register students for qualifications have risen by around £21 million since 2016, colleges are now spending £175 million a year on this. For nearly a decade, colleges have had to manage these increasing and unavoidable costs without any change in their core funding. The pressure has only been increased by the major reforms of qualifications and policies such as the requirement for students to retake GCSE English and maths. The increasing costs of qualifications are just another reason why colleges need sustained long-term investment from the government.” The report is available here: Qualification Price Index (QPI) report The Ofqual news story is available here: news story.