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New maths GCSE curriculum for post-16 resit students proposed by MEI

29 January 2020

Mathematics in Education and Industry has proposed a new maths GCSE curriculum for post-16 resit students in a report released today (Monday 24 January). Responding to the proposals, Chief Executive David Hughes said: “The vast majority of post-16 GCSE Maths retake students are in colleges. Our sector takes the challenge of increasing achievement in maths very seriously and colleges are doing a lot of hard work to support students on this. A dedicated post-16 maths GCSE for these students with equivalent grades to the current GCSE would be welcomed by colleges and employers. Most importantly I am sure that students would find it more appropriate for their progression. The proposed curriculum would better engage and motivate students who achieved grade 3 or below at 16 by incorporating a stepping–stone assessment of basic maths skills worth 20% that can be taken before the final exam and which has some value in its own right. I hope that the Department for Education will take this proposal seriously and consider making the necessary changes to GCSE rules to allow it to be developed.” You can read the full report here.